Kellie F.
Down in the Bayou, Louisiana

Bio: I am a Domestic Goddess with 2 daughters, Chloe (10) and Abbie (4). My main interests include crocheting, attempting to learn knitting on my own :-!, and cooking. I am constantly scouring the internet, Pinterest and Ravelry for crochet patterns. I am a huge supporter of St. Jude Children's Research Hospital, without St. Jude, we would not have my oldest daughter, Chloe, (cancer FREE for 7 YEARS now). My youngest daughter, Abbie, came at just the right time! She was a wonderful, welcome surprise! We also just added a new family member, "Dozer". Dozer is an 8 week old Doberman Pinscher pup, quite the handful! I have already started obedience traininb with him and he is coming along quite nicely. By far the hardest habit to break him of is biting, his biging does not sit well with my lil' Abbie!

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